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City Slickers — A Run Through Seattle

A poster for a running race


We're excited to host the inaugural edition of City Slickers, a running alley cat race through the city of Seattle, on September 24th. Before we go any further, let's explain some things:

What is an "alley cat"?
Alley cats originated in the world of bike messengers, where racers would test their knowledge of a given city by seeing who can ride the fastest between different checkpoints. There's no set course—the winner is the first person to arrive at the finish that's visited every checkpoint.

So we're doing a running version! The course features six checkpoints. The first person to visit all six wins. Once they make it back to us, of course.


Let's break it down even further:

  • The race starts at 3PM on Sunday, September 24th at Windthrow
  • Please arrive around 2PM to get briefed, meet your fellow racers and fuel up with Maurten bars and drink mix
  • Racers will run between six checkpoints, which go roughly clockwise (if you run it right), and should arrive back at Windthrow to finish
  • Every racer will be given a map at the start. No GPX file here—you're making your own route
  • Each checkpoint will feature either an aid station, some form of hijinx, or both. You'll be given a souvenir from each checkpoint that you'll need to take with you to the finish line in order to complete the race
  • Volunteers at each checkpoint will record your number and the time you arrived. Certain checkpoints will also feature aid stations with Maurten gels! 
  • It's in the name—City Slickers is happening on city streets that are open to the public. It is unsanctioned. Please use your best judgement and don't be a fool. This is just for fun, don't put yourself or anyone else in harm's way
  • There will be an afterparty at Windthrow that starts at 7PM. Everyone is invited, even if you didn't race. We'll have drinks, food, fun Maurten surprises and music


Cool, got it? If so, you can find the link to register (for free!) RIGHT HERE. We've teamed up with Maurten to offer an "alley cat pack" for $45 to racers. It includes two Maurten bottles, gels, solids, and drink mix all packaged inside a custom drawstring bag. Everything you'll need to win the race, and enjoy afterwards. We highly recommend getting it.

Also, please tell your friends. At the end of the day this event is supposed to be a celebration of running in our fair city. We want it to be open and enjoyed by all runners, and we're excited to be teaming up with Maurten to make it happen. Please reach out to with any questions!

Intersted in volunteering? We'd love to have you. Please sign up here.

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